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We realize that you are preparing to take a big step for you, your family or your company. Giving your trust to someone is a difficult step and should not be taken lightly. Group Access understands this and is uniquely qualified to provide the support you need. We are “Minds on, Hands on and Hearts on.

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The Truth

Here are the Facts

Heart Disease
Number One Killer
Age 45-62 (male/Female)

36% have Cardio Vascular Disease
16% have High Blood Pressure
57% have High Cholesterol or other Lipids

Number Two Killer

1 in 3 women have a probability of developing cancer
1 in 2 men have a probability of developing cancer
2 out of 3 will survive cancer

70% of male/female age 45-62 is overweight
7% of male/female age 20 + older is diabetic
55% of the US population is overweight
30% of the population is obese

Due to Injuries or Sickness

50% of all Bankruptcies and Mortgage Foreclosures are caused by Disability
45% of the working US Population will suffer loss of work due to disability
1 in 13 working people will suffer some type of temporary disability lasting one week or more
Men and women ages 35-65 – 1 in 5 will be disabled.

Actual cost for Routine Doctor Visit - $139.00
Actual cost for Emergency Room Visit - $500.00
Actual cost for a Four Day stay at the Hospital - $14,500.00
(Does not include surgeon or any other doctor expenses)

63% of Consumers do not know the treatment cost until the medical bills arrive.
Over 50% of all emergency room visits are not necessary

We spend over $30 billion each year on Diet and Weight Loss Products. But 55% of the US population is overweight.

45 million are without Health Care.

The truth is we can’t afford not to protect our families and ourselves.
There is a way for everyone…




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