The Shield

Affordable, Accessible, & Flexible…The Shield

There are many issues surrounding healthcare and insurance today. Rising Premiums + High Deductibles High Copays +Limited Networks + Limited Benefits…have equated into little to no options for millions of individuals and their families.  Life can be dangerous, are you protected?

The Shield offers you and your family an affordable solution by bundling different insurance coverages, we can provide a protective barrier around you and your family for those everyday risks.  You no longer have to be without any protection…

Cover Your Assets!

There are three different Shields to choose from.  Click on each Shield to learn more about the coverages included & Complete the Enrollment Form below with some basic information for a free quote and to begin the enrollment process.

How do you want to build your SHIELD to protect your assets?


24/7/365 Access to US Board-Certified Physicians

Dental, Vision & Hearing

Preventative screenings & services up to $1500/year per person

Accident Protection

Lump sum payment to insured for specific accidents

Critical Illness

Lump sum payment to insured if diagnosed with specific illness


Lump sum payment to insured if diagnosed with specific illness


$50K Term Life Insurance

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