Resource Seven was founded on old fashioned principles with fresh ideas.  

Resource Seven was founded on old fashioned principles with fresh ideas. We provide a comprehensive approach to the needs of individuals, business owners and their employees. With more than 115 years combined experience in the insurance and financial service markets, Resource Seven brings together a single access point to unique products and services.

Our clients live and work all over the United States of America and U.S. territories. We can take care of you wherever you are. Our clients range from employers to groups with 2 – 7000+ employees, from retail to construction, computer technology to medical, government entities to school municipalities. We can take care of whoever you are. Our clients take advantage of all our resources from self-funded to fully-funded health plans, from COBRA to FMLA administration, from healthcare to HR compliance, from group to voluntary benefits, from Online Enrollments to On-site Enrollments. We can take care of whatever you need.

Our Advantages


Your outlook is our best measure of success


Your needs are met in the most innovative ways


You warrant the freshest approach – every time


Helping you reach your goals is our testimony


Your continued confidence is our motivation


Exceeding your expectation is our biggest reward

Whether you are an employer, an employee, or an individual – Resource Seven can help you navigate the world of insurance, finance and compliance.

Do you need a fresh perspective? Do you need Compliance guidance? Do you need Admin support?

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Do you need help with your benefits? Do you have enough life insurance?

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